Writing new mailer backends

If you wish to implement an alternate method of sending email, you can do so by subclassing the Mailer class. There are two methods implementors typically override:

The start method is a coroutine that is called by the component from its own start() method. You can handle any necessary resource related setup there.

The deliver method must be overridden and needs to:

  1. handle both a single EmailMessage and an iterable of them
  2. remove any Bcc header from each message to avoid revealing the hidden recipients

If you want your mailer to be available as a backend for the MailerComponent, you need to add the corresponding entry point for it. Suppose your mailer class is named AwesomeMailer, lives in the package foo.bar.awesome and you want to give it the alias awesome, add this line to your project’s setup.py under the entrypoints argument in the asphalt.mailer.mailers namespace:

    # (...other arguments...)
        'asphalt.mailer.mailers': [
            'awesome = foo.bar.awesome:AwesomeMailer'