Using SQLAlchemy events with Asphalt

While asphalt-sqlalchemy does not provide support for Asphalt style events at this time, you can still listen to the native SQLAlchemy events. Limited support is provided for interacting with the context from session events. Every ORM session object will have its associated session object stored in its info dictionary (['ctx'] is ctx).

In order to add a listener that applies to every ORM session created in the future, you can add your listener in the sessionmaker which is published by the SQLAlchemy component as a resource:

from sqlalchemy.orm import sessionmaker
from sqlalchemy import event

def precommit_hook(session):
    ctx =['ctx']
    # do something with the context

async def handler(ctx):
    session_factory = ctx.require_resource(sessionmaker)
    event.listen(session_factory, 'before_commit', precommit_hook)