class asphalt.templating.renderers.jinja2.Jinja2Renderer(environment: typing.Union[jinja2.environment.Environment, typing.Dict[str, typing.Any]] = None, loader_class: typing.Union[type, str] = <class 'jinja2.loaders.PackageLoader'>, **loader_args) → None

Renders Jinja2 templates.

A new template loader will be created if no environment is supplied or it does not already have a loader in it.

See also

Jinja2 API Docs

  • environment (Union[Environment, Dict[str, Any], None]) – a Jinja2 environment object or keyword arguments for its constructor
  • loader_class (Union[type, str]) – a Jinja2 template loader class or a module:varname reference to one
  • loader_args – extra arguments to pass to the loader class